#PoochPassion’s 2nd Giveaway RE-DRAW OF WINNER!

Using a random name generator program, we have selected a NEW winner of for our “Dogproofing Your House” giveaway because we were not contacted by the first winner. And the prize goes to…

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#PoochPassion’s 2nd Giveaway Winner Announced!


Using a random name generator program, we have selected the winner of for our “Dogproofing Your House” giveaway! And the winner is…

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Luna’s First BARKBOX!

“What is this mysterious package?”

Have you heard of Barkbox? No? Well listen closely because this program is freaking awesome! Barkbox is a care package program created specifically for canines. Every month, the people at Barkbox pick some of their favourite products to send off to dogs around North America. A portion of the proceeds of this care package also goes to dog shelters! Since they just recently opened up their subscription service to Canada, and honestly, how could I resist giving this a shot?

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Mutts Make the Best Dogs!

Luna is my little mutt! She is a “Terrier Mix” but I sense there is more to her…

There are a lot of myths behind dog breeds. There is the belief that the perfect dog will come from a breeder or that you can find purebreds in pet stores, that mutts make messy housemates and are completely unpredictable, hard to handle, difficult to train. Well, I’m here to debauch these myths. I’m here to tell you why mutts make the very best dogs!

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Dog Speak: What is my Pooch Trying to Tell Me?

“I’m ready for your next instruction, mum!”


As  I am sure you already know, a dog speaks in body language far better than it does vocally. This is why hand signals work better for training canines than simply vocal commands on their own. Learning to “speak dog” by understanding their body language, how their eyes, mouth, ears, tail, barks and body try and speak to you, improves your relationship with your pooch! It also comes in handy for reading your dog in situations where you might have anxiety such as dog parks, around children or on the usual vet visits. Read on for some dog speak tips that I have learned over the years that might help your communication with your canine improve!

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Adopt A Dog Featurette: Angus

As an adoption advocate, I think it is important that I keep people informed about dogs out there that desperately need to find their forever homes. And so, in my head, the Adopt a Dog Featurette was born! The first dog we are featuring today is Angus. Please read on to learn more about Angus, where he is waiting for you to pick him up, and to see a lovely video of him!

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“Dog Proofing” Your House & a #PoochPassion Giveaway!

Image via nowhumour.com

Since I’m doing a room-makeover in my house at the moment, I got to thinking about all the little details I’d need to make it as dog-friendly as possible for little Luna. Luna doesn’t chew, she doesn’t leap onto furniture unless we have initiated it at least once, she doesn’t take things that aren’t hers, so while dog proofing a house for me is pretty easy, for others it can be a bit of a challenge whether they have dogs old or new. Read on for a few tips and the chance to WIN A BOOK that will help you and your dog live in harmony far better than this post could!

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Giveaway Winner Announced!

Using a random name generator program, we have selected the winner of our first giveaway! And the winner is…

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#PoochPassion has an Android App!

Pooch Passion has now put together an easy-to-read feed of our articles available on your Android Phone in our own, trusty, Android Pooch Passion Application! Simply click the link while on your Android phone to download the app directly. I know Android seems a little restricted and you’re probably wondering ‘where is the iPhone/Windows/BlackBerry phone app!?” but Android is the easiest to make and distribute apps for. Looking to add the feed application to other phones in the near future but in the meantime, if you have an Android phone, don’t hesitate to download the free app and keep up with all our latest posts!



Interesting Articles #PoochPassion Wants to Share!

Modern Dog Magazine and Global Pets Food recently shared two articles I couldn’t resist to share here and comment on. Read on for some pretty interesting and curious dog-related internet finds!

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